Who You Gonna Call?

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We like to renovate and wherever possible we try to do it ourselves. My husband is what you would call “handy” and I am super grateful for it. However, we do know when you need to call in an expert or call for help when my honey-do list gets too long. We recently hired an electrician for the new lighting along the front of our home as although my husband was capable of doing the work – he really was not the right choice for the job. 

This happens every day in the IT industry. We are all doing more with less. Asking our Sys Admins to troubleshoot database problems, or asking our DBAs to support ETL processes. Often they can get the job done, but at what cost? Are they really the right resource for the job? Are there other tasks or opportunities that are missed because there are not enough hours in the day? This is exactly why we call in tradespeople to wire our new lights or hire the teenager next door to mow our lawn. 

Recently I had the pleasure of managing customer calls with 2 of our Elite Support customers while one of my Directors took a well-deserved vacation. Both customers were new to Eclipsys last year and both were struggling with the ability to support their Oracle environment. Doing more with less as a result of downsizing, the retirement of DBAs, reduced budgets can all contribute to the need for an ongoing Managed Service. We are all doing more with less yet your Oracle environment still requires ongoing care and feeding.  

Many of the larger Managed Service providers require a minimum number of hours each month that can be cost-prohibitive and does not make good fiscal sense for those customers that have a smaller Oracle footprint. That is where we come in. Our terms, our pricing and our minimum hours are all completely flexible. We provide our customers with an Elite team of experts that are all located in Canada. Why choose Eclipsys?

  • 24×7 support
  • Certified Experts
  • Access to Cloud Architects, Data Architects, Developers, Oracle Application Specialists in addition to our Database Administrators
  • OCI, Azure and Google certified
  • Oracle Database, E-Business Suite, SQL Server support
  • Flexibility
  • Low monthly commitment

Adding Eclipsys Elite Support as an extension to your team will help provide peace of mind, allow your team to focus on new opportunities in your business and ensure that your Oracle investment is getting the attention it deserves. 

Who you gonna call?

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