Oracle Database on Google Cloud Platform

“Hey Google, can you run Oracle Database on GCP?”
Yes, you can. 

This is an announcement that we have been waiting for. We have watched while Google made strategic acquisitions of some of the best engineers and leaders from Oracle, knowing that when they finally added support for Oracle on GCP (Google Cloud Platform) it would have a significant impact on our customer’s decisions on their cloud strategy. Across all industries, IT leaders are looking for options for their enterprise-level workloads – they are looking for options for Oracle. 

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has been the best and only viable option until now. With Oracle on Google Cloud Bare Metal, customers will get ultra-fast internal connection to all available Google Cloud Platform services and features without a concession to cost or service-lever agreement (SLA). Not only does Google Cloud Platform offer hardware that is certified to run Oracle workloads, but they also do it without a licensing penalty. With Google Cloud Platform you pay the same Oracle licensing costs as on-premise… The same! I am surprised that there has not been more fanfare and announcements about this. Not only has Google come to the table to offer customers a viable option for their Oracle workloads, but they have also done it without increasing licensing costs or compromising on performance. 

Now, what about our Canadian customers? 

In 2018, Google opened its first Google Cloud Platform region in Canada, located in Montreal, Quebec. A second region is planned in Toronto, Ontario this year. Google Cloud Platform is definitely on the right track for the Canadian market. 

Here’s a quick recap:

Oracle on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Bare Metal
All the Google Cloud Platform features and tools  ✓
Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC)  ✓
All Oracle Database options  ✓
No increase to licensing costs  ✓
Canadian Data Centres  ✓
Performance, efficiency, security, reliability, flexibility and increases control  ✓


So what’s next? 

Now is the time to look seriously at Google Cloud Platform as an option for your Oracle workloads. Migration is straightforward and Eclipsys can help get you there. We are a Google Cloud Platform Partner and certified to help you make the best cloud decision for your Oracle workloads.

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