At Eclipsys, we know that we can no longer use the solutions of yesterday to solve the new problems of today.

Our fast-changing marketplace means we need to invest in data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to keep up with our competitors. We know you do as well, and we are here to help. 

Our Data Analytics practice has the deep technical knowledge and hands-on experience to solve customers’ problems with big data and data analytics in the following areas:

Data Integration

  • ETL/ELT, streaming and cloud migration tools


  • Data Lakes, NoSQL and MPP Data Warehouse solutions

Data Processing 

  • Spark, Databricks and Cloud data transformation tools

Data Analytics

  • On-prem and Cloud BI solutions, dashboarding tools, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning tools including Deep Learning, Keras, TensorFlow and NLP/NLU


  • Docker/Kubernetes and MLOps solutions design and implementation


  • Custom Data and ML Model Governance solutions using Machine learning

Data Strategy

  • Data strategy designs in alignment with Business strategy 

Our Data Analytics practice spans the full spectrum of data evolution from data acquisition, integration and data warehouses, to data processing and transformation and finally data consumption. 

Most people think of Data Analytics as only the right-hand side of this diagram but there is much to be done with regards to acquisition, integration, storage and even governance before you can get true value from your data.

At which stage do you need help in order to gain real insights from your data and grow your business?

Data Analytics offerings through Eclipsys Solutions helps businesses with the following types of insights:


  • Revolutionize omnichannel strategies with greater insight and contextual intelligence
  • Gain a competitive advantage by creating personalized content for better customer experience, achieving price optimization, digitizing supply chains, creating personalized offers and recommender systems based on propensity models


  • Predict student demand, identify students at risk of failing, dropping out or transferring and achieve personalization at scale in an increasingly global and digital education system


  • Compliance, anti-money laundering and fraud detection, payments processing and personalization of customer experiences


  • Automate administrative tasks, provide virtual nursing assistance, provide predictive diagnostics, automated image diagnosis, fraud detection and dosage error reduction


  • Optimize processes, enable predictive maintenance and make strategic and tactical decisions around staffing, inventory control, energy consumption, raw materials and the supply chain


  • Customer segmentation, churn prevention, predicting the lifetime value of the customer, product development, improving margins, price optimization, and targeted marketing

Energy and Utilities

  • Predict supply and demand peaks, optimize generation efficiencies, identify defects and predict failures without interrupting operations, detect customer usage patterns signalling irregular behaviour


  • Provide behavioural policy pricing options, coverage personalization, customized claims settlements and fraud detection by identifying abnormal patterns in claim submissions


  • Use identity data, telephone records, police reports, network data, sensor data, cell phone usage patterns, social media posts, local news articles, and government reports aiding tasks ranging from criminal activity predictions and criminal investigations to unlawful activities, data breaches and cyber threats

Employment/Social Services

  • Predict job market trends and skills requirements, address some of the long-standing challenges confronting caseworkers and the persons they serve including unmanageable case-loads, administrative burdens, long wait times and delays in service delivery

Cities and Regions

  • Reduce pollution levels, minimize traffic congestions, or drive the success of city initiatives and automate and improve many of their daily activities and operations

Public Transit

  • Predict transit demands and traffic in order to better plan and create optimized routes and transit schedules

Eclipsys partners with organizations to create solutions that enable them to maximize the value of their data, gain insights and make better data-driven business decisions. Using an established methodology, our Canadian based team uses data analytics to help you drive intelligence and increase your competitive advantage.

We start with a roadmap and deliver end-to-end services including platform optimization, data integration and analysis. Eclipsys has been helping clients make the best choices for their data and infrastructure for over 10 years.