In-depth & Personalized Training Workshops

Eclipsys offers in-depth, personalized training workshops for your technical team, in order to help you embrace and maximize your new Oracle technology. Our workshops focus on less marketing and “slideware” – and more hands-on, real-life experience scenarios to build your team’s confidence to effectively operate your new solutions.

Advantages of our training workshops and knowledge transfer sessions include:

On-site: Our workshops are onsite at your facility, saving you travel fees and wasted time of trying to get your team somewhere else

Using actual delivery experts: Our trainers are actual delivery experts in the field, having very recent relevant experience on the technologies that are being taught

Cost-effective: Workshops are charged by the length of session, not by a number of participants. Bring your whole team!

Hands-On: Complemented by hands-on experience and labs, using your own development environment (or alternatively ours)

Manage, Maintain, Extend: Focused on managing and maintaining your Oracle systems – getting your teams up and running quickly and efficiently, and giving them the confidence to extend your solutions

“Open Mic” component: provides time for whiteboarding, in-depth discussions and detailed questions – about any topic that is important to your team

Typical training workshops and knowledge transfer topics include:

  • Understanding the “ins” and “outs” of your engineered system – overview, hardware and software
  • How to architect solutions on your new Oracle systems – including high availability, standby and DR
  • How to deploy database and WebLogic solutions on your systems
  • Patching (systems, OS, and database)
  • Troubleshooting your systems and software
  • How to manage the Oracle stack
  • Networking and file systems (including ASM and Oracle Cloud file system)
  • Oracle VM management (creating, configuring, cloning, starting/stopping)
  • Migrating database and applications onto your new systems
  • Backup and recovery strategies
  • Best practices and lessons learned

Eclipsys’ goal is to guide you, and assist and complement your current team where required. Eclipsys has become successful by enabling our customer’s technical teams, having them as equal participants in our deployments, and ensuring that they are fully trained and capable to support and extend their solutions as required in the future. By leveraging our experience and partnering with our customer’s technical teams, they embrace the solution quicker, which leads to your success.