Brieta Chisholme

Brieta Chisholme

“We almost don’t talk about it because it’s just embedded in our culture.”… Read more

Tobias King

Toby King

“The Eclipsys work culture is all about being friendly and supportive”… Read more

Bruce Davis HR

Bruce Davis

“The most positive, collaborative, encouraging culture that I’ve ever experienced anywhere I’ve worked”… Read more

Kevin Leung

Kevin Leung

“Everyone is committed to everyone else’s success… Very supportive in all the efforts of the sale cycles, understanding… Read more

Christine Kivi 2

Christine Kivi

“The work culture here at Eclipsys drives me to actually like coming to work every day. Best place to work!”… Read more

Sabiha Choudhry LinkedIn

Sabiha Choudhry

“Even when we are working from home, we are free to work at any kind of schedule that we are accustomed to and we like. And this… Read more