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OCI : Script to Scale Up/Down OCPUs in ExaCC

I will start this post that the script I am talking about might already be somewhere out there and even in a better version,… Read more

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Cucumbers, coffee and chocolate or How to create Non-CDB on Exadata Cloud at Customer

For those who are puzzled by the title here is a short explanation. I didn’t pay too much attention to what I had in my fridge… Read more

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Exadata Cloud at Customer – number of active CPUs and adding a new database

Let’s imagine a typical working day, and you are getting a request to add a new database to your Exadata Cloud at Customer… Read more

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“This is no longer your Father’s, Oracle”

Another Oracle OpenWorld conference has come and gone. This my third in a row since joining Eclipsys. I truly enjoy attending… Read more

19 Takeways from Oracle OpenWorld 2019

19 Takeways from Oracle OpenWorld 2019

It always takes some time to filter, sort and digest all the new information, updates and announcements after a big event.… Read more

How to downgrade InfiniBand switch patches on Exadata

How to downgrade InfiniBand switch patches on Exadata

Lately I was asked to apply the Exadata Quarterly Full Stack Download Patch (QFSDP) of July 2018(Patch 28183368) on the… Read more